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By Kevin Styles

i-Junky Has Moved!!!!!

Friday, June 17, 2005
i-Junky Has MOVED!

New location: http://ijunky.blogsome.com Please update your links! And come take a look at the new i-Junky now under the Wordpress system.


Xbox 360 out this November

Sunday, June 12, 2005

According to MTV on their website with the following description regarding about the new Xbox 360. MTV.com have accidently revealed the launch month to be this November!

This special highlights the exciting new generation of XBOX. Packages include: Tours of the design labs Interviews with the designers Behind-the-scenes and inside scoop Never-before-seen footage of new videogames.

Trailers of the newest games that are due out in November for the new XBOX. The next generation will be revealed at an event at the Avalon club in LA, hosted by Elijah Wood and featuring performances by The Killers and
Snow Patrol.

This follows BIll Gates' announcement at Society of American Business Editors and Writers annual meeting that the console will indeed ship later this year.

Playstation 3 to be without bundled HD?

Friday, June 10, 2005
The newly anticipated Playstation 3 is said to be launched next spring, but without a bundled hard disk.

According to Sony Computer Entertainment's Chief technology officer Masayuki Chatani, he claims a certain strategy has yet to be planed, however most gamers/users will want to upgrade to a higher capacity drive anyway.

More here

Gates confirms Xbox 360 launch this year

Gates confirms Xbox 360 launch this year

Microsoft chairman breaks the silence on Xbox 360's launch dateSpeaking at a business writers' convention in the United States, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates has confirmed that the next-generation Xbox console will launch this year, and once again promoted the new system's multimedia capabilities.

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San Adreas finally for PC

After months of San Adreas been blown on the TV screens of many violent minded teenagers/adults, Rockstar has finally made the move to port the popular latest installment in the line of the classic GTA: Grand Theft Auto, namely Grand Theft Auto: San Adreas to PC.

San Andreas is full of violent crime and adult humor, and its M rating is well deserved. It follows the exploits of Carl "CJ" Johnson--voiced by rapper Chris Bellard--a onetime street hood who has cleaned up his act.

However, CJ strays from the straight and narrow shortly after returning to Los Santos, his Los Angeles-like hometown, for his mother's funeral. Soon, he rejoins his former gang and begins an unlawful adventure that will take him to the San Francisco clone of San Fierro and the Las Vegas-esque desert gambling mecca of Las Venturas.


Games can be addictive?

Friday, April 29, 2005
It's been awhile since I've written, but that is entirely Blizzard's fault as I like to put it, you see I wasn't a very leet player per say in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, needless to say I didn't play very often but having said that - I wasn't a newb either. Ok let's just cut to the chase, I haven't played much role playing/quests games in my life time or infact ever, I could never understand how role playing games can become so addictive, I've heard people mention about playing The Sims, Diablo 1 & 2 (yes old school I know), I didn't see how addictive it can be until I played World of Warcraft, this game is huge! I won't even begin to describe it, cause the game just has way too many features and such variety, but this is coming from someone who hasn't ever played quests like games before, so maybe most of these role playing simulation type games are just as big.

So this very game has kept me busy for the last couple of days - the weeks prior to my World of Warcraft fascination, I have been trying to keep myself occuppied by maintaining the home computer network (geek??) and also been scouting through ebay for some cheap quality parts to build another Pentium 4 machine as a mini-file server, also was in the market for a laptop which I would be needing in the next couple of weeks of Tafe, I figured getting a second hand laptop is the cheapest option to go by, I am planning to put Linux Redhat Version 9 on the laptop to well... familiarise myself with Redhat.